The album contains 12 tracks:


  • ‘V’
  • ‘No Way Out’
  • ‘Army of Noise’
  • ‘Worthless’
  • ‘You Want A Battle?’ (Here’s a War)
  • ‘Broken’
  • ‘Venom’
  • ‘The Harder the Hearth’ (The Harder it Breaks)
  • ‘Hell or High Water’
  • ‘Pariah’
  • ‘Playing God’

To summarize all the talking, Venom didn’t carry or show anything new in BFMV. I think after all this high expectations of seeing BFMV in a new style were let down yet again with this album. In this album Matt Tuck depended on the clean vocals more than screaming or brutal or growling vocals. I think there were some good tracks as ‘Venom’, ‘The Harder The Hearth’ and ‘Skin and Army Of Noise’. Despite the negative opinions, ‘Army Of Noise’ was chosen in many charts in UK and the US. We can’t deny that the album technique and musicality is good but it didn’t come along what the fans have waited for, we face the same style of BFMV again.

Written By: Rana Atef
Edited By: Bishoy Nader



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