Asia Mieleszko

Rock songwriter Tyler Elden from New Jersey releases debut alternative rock single “Bruised Love” with musical collective The Night Figures on the 27th of January.

“Bruised Love” is the grunge-y shoe-gaze debut from Tyler Elden and his backing band, musical collective, The Night Figures. It draws elements from rock subgenres all over, and it sounds like a mix of grunge, pop punk, post-rock, and progressive rock. 

Tyler’s unique singing style on “Bruised Love” draws from his many different influential genres, and the arrangement and instrumentation on this track follow this up very nicely, with the guitars’ evolving sounds between different sections of the track, as well as the drums changing up patterns and keeping them interesting.

The production on “Bruised Love” is tight, with a clean mix that ensures every element is heard and cuts through on its own, while ear candy such as rising noises and subtle synths are sprinkled throughout to spice up the track.

“Bruised Love” offers a mix of distorted and clean sounds, harsh and mellow, and dark and bright at the same time, going from full blast overdrive to clean acoustics, ending on a climax that blends both together so smoothly, that it just feels bittersweet and chillingly wholesome.