Brothers Of Metal release their new music video for “Yggdrasil”. The Swedish Heavy/Power metal band released a new music video following releasing their debut album “”Prophecy Of Ragnarök”.

Brothers Of Metal are:

• Ylva Eriksson – Voice of the Valkyries
• Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson – Battle Cries
• Dawid Grahn – Guitar
• Pähr Nilsson – Guitar
• Mikael Fehrm – Guitar
• Emil Wärmedal – Bass
• Mats Nilsson – Tongue of the Gods
• Johan Johansson – Anvil and War Drums

The track begins with a very cool guitar tune and then Ylva Eriksson hits us with her beautiful soft voice, it reminds you of the indie vocal stars but in a metal versions.

The track has an adventurous theme in its tunes especially with the lead guitar; also the drums adds a classical percussion to the track.
The track and music video are so relevant as in customs and theme but also it lacks action and escalation, as the track remains at the same rhythm or level keeping the same tunes in the early verses which lacks excitement. Also the music video it shows a tribe in the old fire ages walking around; there is no escalation or battles or so they are just walking!

As a piece of music it can be considered as a soundtrack also; but as a hit it lacks escalation.
All in all it’s a massive start for Brothers Of Metal, and we wish them the best of luck in upcoming releases.

Rate: 7/10