Chicago based indie artist Ceyeo is set to release his upcoming record “Machine Learning” mixing influences and sounds as usual in August 2022, and to give us a taste of what’s in store he decided to drop his latest single “Broken” on the 8th of April 2022. Featuring backup vocals from Ukrainian artist Liliia Kysil, “Broken” is a song about the most important fact about relationships that we all forget and that they all end, reminding you that the best path might not be the one you are on now so, let’s dive into it.

“Broken” starts with a heavy energetic intro, these chords progression blended with a beautiful guitar melody and with the vocal delivery and melody at the verse created a unique mood that follows us throughout the whole song. That “wise” style of vocal delivery made the verse so interesting and gave it a storytelling feel, it’s one of the song’s key elements and added a lot to it plus, Liliia Kysil’s backing vocals adding the extra essential layer. “Broken” has a nice interesting progression with constant melodies from verse to chorus that when reached felt like the sound has opened up somehow with its attractive melody. 

“Broken” is a fresh, interesting and enjoyable tune without complications, just an artist putting his good music writing skills to use. The melodies and progression were its most interesting aspects from my POV and as I said before, that vocal melody kept me focused till the end. Looking forward for “Machine Learning”, cheers!