Brian Corley

The Mars McClanes decided to spice things up and get into a 90s alternative-influenced adventure on their latest single “Broke Kid”, a tune specially for the brave ones who never gave up on the ones they loved even at their lowest. 

With a ukulele intro, The Mars McClanes managed to create a rocking tune. The ukulele’s melody in the intro was a cool nod to their country roots and its warm smooth sound created a mellow build-up for what’s next. I loved the acoustic guitar’s sharp sound and heavy strumming and how along with the groovy bass line they created such an energetic sound. The vocal melody is pretty catchy and entertaining with some 2000s punk energy mixed with 90s alternative vibes. The most interesting thing about “Broke Kid” is its smooth fluid structure, it has an interesting flow with a lot of ups and downs that seamlessly overlap smoothly in a perfect mix. 

“Broke Kid” shows some different sides of The Mars McClanes and proves their worth as musicians with diverse influences trying to create their very own sound. Looking forward to more from The Mars McClanes, keep on rocking guys.