With laidback cheerful melodies, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter Nick Noon invites you into his bright world on his latest single “Bring Out The Sunshine”, as he teases his upcoming record. Nick Noon cleverly uses his good command of multiple instruments alongside his fluid vocals to serve his positive lyrical approach, let me tell you how he did it.

The mellow violins and acoustic guitar intro of “Bring Out The Sunshine” promises an uplifting colorful tune, and -spoiler alert- that’s precisely what Nick Noon delivers. Noon’s warm soothing voice takes you on a chilling journey, strongly backed by progressing diverse instrumentations with perfect layering and mixing. I loved the verse’s pace and groove, although I wished it would’ve lasted a little bit longer to create more build-up for that extremely catchy chorus. “Bring Out The Sunshine” has a beautiful smooth progression, and its sound keeps on getting bigger and catchier with rocking guitar solos, marching drum beats, soft heartfelt piano, singalong sections, and theatrical orchestrations, all within a solid coherent structure with Nick Noon’s consistent vocal melody keeping it all together. 

Nick Noon’s seasoned writing skills appear clearly as he carefully crafts “Bring Out The Sunshine” ‘s sound, he skillfully mixes instruments’ melodies and arrangements to create the charming, heart-hitting mood he desires. Adding his sweet vocal skills to the mix, Noon achieved the optimum engaging vibes that can easily get you hooked. Looking forward to more from Nick Noon, keep on rocking man, cheers!