Better days are aspirations for us all, and the end of the night is what we all yearn for in the search for a brighter daylight.

Hailing from Gdansk, Poland the Alternative/Garage Rock band  Snakedoctors that was formed in 2020 by four friends released a new single titled “Brighter” promoting their upcoming album “Waiting” and once again featuring Nik Hughes from the Brit band Bush.

“Brighter” begins with some Nik mellow drumming followed by clean guitar chords that inspires the listeners into some mellow rock ballads, the intro alongside the rough vocals reminded me a lot of Creed and their theme in playing.

Brighter” has a bright joyful theme with a sorrowful theme also camping through as a reflection of the status quo. Using simple rhythms and melodies and also not heavy tunes sounded perfect when they were all put together and implied deep impressions upon the track’s theme.

As always “Snakedoctorstend to use the expert in order to get the best result out of their music, as “Brighter” was mixed by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio and mastered by Stephen Marcusse.

“Waiting” is expected to be released in the first half of 2023 that will feature an unplugged version of the song featuring a cello musician from the USA. 

Take a listen to the magnificent deep vocals with some light rock theme that enables optimism and aspirations for a better day more reliable.