I often review music from newer bands so I don’t keep my expectations too high. Since when you listen to demos of bands that are big today, they aren’t all that good most of the time, but honestly this album isn’t that good at all.

Well, it’s a concept album about a war on the fictional planet Avalmeth. The concept sounds interesting but most of the time I can’t hear the lyrics due to the weak mixing/mastering done to the album and I couldn’t find any lyrics online, as I said they’re a smaller band so that’s fine. The only “okay” mixing is on the drums, though the bass drums could be a bit louder, which could be acceptable. I won’t complain much. However, the guitar tones are too weak and the guitars sound small. The bass guitar is actually quite decent but it isn’t loud enough either.

But hey, you can’t judge an album by the recording quality; especially as a black metal fan I’d be contradicting myself. Is the music any good? Well, once again I’ll have to give the drummer credit since he’s doing a great job supporting the band. The guitarists are okay, however they lack something, I’m not sure what it is. The lead guitarist also doesn’t do the greatest job on most solos but for example the track ‘Wars of Avalmeth 2′ is actually really good, except for the vocals.

Vocals are really substandard and the weak point of the album. The recording quality is horrendous so most of the time I can’t hear the lyrics, the vocalist has a small range (I think?) but she doesn’t really do a great job on most of the album. Don’t get me wrong, she actually has potential. But she didn’t really do great on this album.

Overall? I don’t think this album is great, but the band show great potential. They just need to work harder on their mixing skills, tonal quality, and the vocalist should work on everything to be honest.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader

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