The title track from John Vento’s latest release Brick By Brick has been released. Following an impressive run of singles and releases over the past few years as a solo artist and with the Nied’s Hotel Band, John Vento is running on pure momentum right now, which is evident in this single release. It is the momentum in which we get a shuffle blues rhythm over an up-tempo rocker of a track, and a groove to get up and dance to. Brick By Brick features well-crafted guitar fills, and solos, it features a deep in-the-pocket groove that has the bass fully in line with the drums, and harmonizing backing vocals that help shape the main chorus of “Brick by Brick”. I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention the drumming as a highlight of this track. The clever use of just the snare snapping in a chant-like, anthemic beat gives this track its real wings. This choice to drop the entire beat down to its simplest form for the bridge section makes this track so replayable and infectious to the ear. John Vento’s lyrics are essentially a simple theme of working hard to build your legacy, putting in maximum effort to achieve your goals, and the metaphor of building this legacy Brick By Brick. The theme really presents itself as being legitimate with the vocal performance John Vento delivers. The articulation of the resolution phrases he incorporates at the end of each cadence expertly shapes the phrasing to drive audiences into the next stanza, the momentum alluded to earlier in this review.

The performance of each of the seasoned and talented musicians on Brick By Brick is second to none. The choice of players plays a large part in making Brick By Brick a mature, professional, and highly competent piece. For a rocking number with a blues shuffle, the instrumentation and melodic form play such a large role in making this track so enjoyable to listen to. Couple this with the clever studio work John Bento employs, allowing each of these fills and grooves to be heard over the mix crisply and clearly, free of distortion even at higher volumes, which is where Brick By Brick needs to be played. This track would be perfect for any Rock, Adult Contemporary, and even Country commercial radio playlist. The infectious hook of the vocals alone makes this song so appealing to popular radio. Even if you are on a road trip take John Vento and the rest of the Nied’s Hotel Band with you as this will make any journey so very enjoyable.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan | Evolution Music Press