LOS ANGELES — Brick Bosso’s song “First Girl On The Moon” is an upbeat ditty celebrating female astronauts. And now Eric Endo has created a daring remix that takes the song in a colorful new direction. Endo has played around the globe with artists ranging from Eek-A-Mouse to Dave Wakeling and Kottonmouth Kings / Too Rude, Michael Rose, Joe Higgs, Remi Kabaka and many others. He runs Indoor Endo Productions out of Southern California.

Endo’s remix of “First Girl On The Moon” relies on funky and soulful guitars. When asked what compelled him to choose that track from Brick Bosso’s “Bianca,” he replies: “I loved the lyrics first. The melody also caught my ear. Those are usually what attracts me – like most people – to any piece of music.”

Endo says his process of working on the remix involved several processes: “My general process for a remix or to build a track around a melody is to start with the a capella first and set the click,” Endo says. “From there, it’s whatever I ‘hear.’ In this case I wanted to fill in the harmony so I transcribed the melody and played the guitar part first and went from there. And the Giant Steps/Coltrane part… Ha-ha. Gotta add a little wrinkle to all my tracks! The beat came naturally from the guitar part. Most of my natural feel is funk or soul based so…”

Endo’s remix has lots of guitar, though he used a few synths in Logic and an 808 drum machine kit for the drums, along with Bosso’s original kick drum.  He writes: “I used: Alchemy (stock in Logic), U-He Zebralette and a OB-x emulation for the synths.”

Brick Bosso x Eric Endo Remix of “First Girl On The Moon” is available on Bandcamp.

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