There is something positively entrancing about Void Vampires’ wicked, debut single. A crossover between a hypnosis session, calls over an airport intercom, and an all new flavor of alternative rock, there are hardly any words that can describe how cool and fresh ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ is.

Jessie Jayne and Kunwar Singh met in East London where Singh’s studio is, and they formed Void Vampires in which Jessie sings, and Kunwar does the rest of the magic. With that said, I’d say that that the magic in the case of ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ is neatly split between the two halves of Void Vampires. We have a genius instrumental that revolves around a solid, overdriven bass part. The arrangement is quite whimsical, mixing the marching beats and cacophonous guitar arpeggios with an interesting composition that changes chords seemingly only when you don’t expect it to. The guitars insist on playing a power chord, an E power chord to be precise, on whichever chord happens to be suggested by the bass below. The results are unusual colors and a peculiarly cool character.

The lyrics and delivery from Jessie Jayne are absolutely sublime. Devoid of all forms of emotion, Jayne’s deadpan delivery of the words about mental health seems comical is a dystopic kind of way. Calling out social media for its destructive effect on mental health, Jessie’s words are pure gold, and the delivery makes them stick even harder. ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ is a hypnotizing song that achieves full hypnosis on the sprawling, pads-heavy bridge that drones with one chord as Jayne’s vocals start showing a modicum of humanness.

A song that plays out like a fully orchestrated play, ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ is a meticulously put-together song that drips with nuances. A gentle and cool cacophony that showcases a fresh duo with a fresh sound, and an unforgettable debut.