Joakim Aukea

Hailing from Sweden, the land of melodic metal comes the heavy trio We Are To Blame. With Johan Karlsson (Guitars/Vocals) and Urban Granbacke (Guitars) mixing their metal roots with Alice Hartvig’s pop influences and strong vocal abilities creating their very own melodic sound and today, we’re gonna dig deeper into their 3rd release “Breathe” off their upcoming EP.

We Are To Blame had me from that catchy melodic intro with pounding drums, heavy crunchy guitars, and melodic keys all preparing for the epic journey coming ahead. Alice Hartvig’s vocals hit with an intimidating yet strong melody in the verse that escalates into a more open and powerful sounding chorus, backed with heavy relentless riffs and catchy melodic keys. Twisting the song’s dynamics comes the slow emotional interlude around the 3:40 minute mark, it builds up slowly yet effectively to a killer shredding solo that screams POWER METAL. The vocal melody takes us from there into a bigger sound and strong fluid vocals in a bridge and chorus before they end it the way it started with an epic melody. “Breathe” is one hell of a heavy tune with diverse influences and well-written melodies. Its strong melodies stick in your mind and make you want to listen to more as We Are To Blame steer carefully balancing having heavy riffs while keeping with the melodic elements, solid structure, and approachable sound. I’m totally recommending this and will be keeping an eye on We Are To Blame, looking forward to more, cheers!