Heidi Joergensen

In the lands down under, was born and raised the impeccable Derek Lee Goodreid. With a great sense of artistic passion comes inevitable altruism and empathy. In his latest single, “Breakthru Hardtimes”, Derek pours his heart out and recalls some crushing times that he went through. From a musical standpoint, you can smell the 60s blues rock influence here. The twang and clean tone of the guitar work wonderfully with the unbelievable twang in the vocals that sway over them. The drum pattern is another jaw-dropping aspect of this song too, as the ends of the verses are a climax done by the drums and vocals. Hard-hitting beats and growling vocals add this sweet hook at the end of every verse. It’s refreshing to hear a distinction between the soft drums and the hard-hitting part, making the whole record sound rawer and grittier. On the contrary, the lyrics about “hard times” are followed by some uplifting lyrics sung reassuringly. By the end of the song, in the most gritty and raspy way possible, Derek screams 

“Breakthru is gonna come

Breakthru, though your heart weighs a tonne

Breakthrough until these hard times are done!”

The musicianship on this track stems from years of experience and honest emotional stories, which I’m glad Mr. Goodreid has chosen to share with the world. I can only complain about the shortness of the track. I hope I hear a whole record that’s as mezmerizing as “Breakthru Hardtimes”

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