Mixing alternative sound with his deep country/American influences, TuskHead dropped his latest single Breaking the Man on the 13th of October 2023. Being the brainchild of Dutch artist Patrick van Zandwijk, TuskHead takes us on a deeply emotional journey on Breaking the Man. Let me tell you more about it.

TuskHead‘s warm melodies and soothing smooth chords softly led the listeners through a mellow inviting intro, promising a chill heartwarming tune to come. He slowly starts building up with his expressive vocal melody and escalating sound, shaking things up at a faster pace, adding a more dynamic layer to the Breaking the Man‘s flow that pushes forward towards an open-sounding catchy chorus. TuskHead offers an interesting twist to his country-influenced sound, mixing guitar melodies and arpeggios, accordion, and pedal steel with an upbeat groove in a powerfully progressing structure that shifts fluidly and seamlessly to keep things interesting and the listeners hooking without compromising his core sound and mood.

Breaking the Man is a solid tune by TuskHead, it has a sweet heartfelt sound with an emotional melody and flow that is cleverly supported by subtle dynamic touches, keeping things enjoyable and interesting throughout the whole song. It shows TuskHead‘s seasoned writing style and sense of melody as he cleverly steered his sound to deliver the perfect emotion. Looking forward to more from TuskHead, keep on rocking. Cheers!