Through Break the Attitude, Oscar ventures into familiar territory, singing folk-pop and country ballads on his guitar, with a bit of harmonica thrown in for good measure. Songs like “A Beautiful Woman” and “Soul Mate” are romantic tracks for the lovelorn gazing into the sun or staring deeply into a starry sky. They tickle the senses and nourish the soul. The melancholic harmonica in “Diary of an Immigrant” drifts completely from what’s expected, creating a unique sad ballad about love and finding one’s true identity. “Valencian Lullaby” is an upbeat melody about hope and finding happiness during the bumpy road of life. “The School” is the typical song that resembles our do-good, positivity culture with Oscar’s harmonica playing exuding happiness during the solos at the intro and the end of the song.
Oscar’s Facebook contains many songs with lengthy posts describing how and why the song was developed along with lyrics to accompany the listening experience. This is one great way of the artist using social media to promote the art. Break the Attitude still has a tiny guest appearance on social media, but with the lyrical intensity and poetic guitars, it is destined for stardom across all platforms.

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Jaylan Salah