Pierre Quinton

What I truly admire about Alt-country is how it shows that there is so much more that country music has to offer than honky tonk, banjos, and yodeling. And right here is a prime example of how far country music can be taken and stay readily identifiable as Country.

TruckerBomb are a LA-based alt-rock/alt-country outfit that also dabbles with Americana, and their latest offering, Break My Heart, shows exactly how they pull all of this off. The song is written by the Singer-songwriter-bassist Troy Richardson, whose warm voice and gentle delivery immediately makes this song sound easy and sweet. The drum lines and the general composition are unmistakably country. Simple, 4-on-the-floor beats and melodic chord changes with melodic vocals are all very country. The guitars on top, on the other hand, are intensely jangly and twisted, overdriven and noisy, providing an entirely new vantage point to the sound, less country now and more alternative and harsh. Noticeable also, are the soaring, ultra-trebly strings that largely dominate the right side of the mix, again causing the sound to grow more complex and adventurous than what most people would associate country music with. The guitar solo is perfectly paced and placed, playing simple, but vocal, phrases, with a gritty tone that overdubbed to infinity.

A band with a unique sound and multiple talents. They only need to continue upon their current trajectory and before long, they can reach their own spot in the spotlight, which will be truly deserved.