Do you know those songs that make you dance your heart out, cherish life and live every day as if it was the best day yet? That is how ‘Brave Heart, Luna!’ makes you feel.

Toes-in, heels-out… whether you have your dancing shoes on or walking at home shoeless, this song will make you boogie all day, all night long.

The song’s backbone consists of bold and delightful horn work, with a must-have of whimsical guitar and bass, playful drums, and spirited piano.

The vocals are vivid, powerful, and uplifting. Not only do they sing along the lyrics, but they also play around with the beats of the music, keeping the listener glued to the speakers from beginning to end.

E.G. Phillips found his inspiration for this piece when he wanted to cheer up one of his friends during low times.

So every time this song is played, not only can it be the pick-me-up you need, but you can also pass it on to any of your loved ones to wish them a great day, knowing that the core of this song and the whole purpose was and will always be, to make people happy.

This song is the perfect sample of pure classy, jazzy jazz that will bring out the Charleston off in you whether played on the radio or in dancing salons.

‘Brave Heart, Luna!’ is the fourth and final single to be made available in the lead up to the release of the album Alien from an Alternate Earth’, to be out in April of 2022.

The track was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, in the same room as many classic albums by the likes of Herbie Hancock and Santana. It was produced by Chris McGrew and mastered by Gary Hobish.

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