Well, we are talking about a traveller who lived in different 8 countries and switched 7 schools, in my opinion, this was very inspiring and enough besides his talent for sure to create an incredible post-rock/punk experience. Although I am not convinced with the mix of the track (engineering-wise) still, I loved the tune, especially his voice and the used elements as well, I just believe if there was some work on the final mix and master, would take this song to a whole another level. Jensig clarified that the song’s topic is expressing psychological matters deeply “I was inspired to write this song as an homage to healing inner turmoil. I think that sometimes you have to take the frightening step by looking within and dissect any personal afflictions you’ve been dealing with from the past; hence the name ‘brave’. I hope many people can relate to healing, or be inspired to start.” Feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat


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