‘Boy Obsessed’ is the latest song from punk rocker RobinAugust, or probably the first. As the youtube title suggests, she and her friend/collaborator Mercy Sophia co-wrote this song “when they were 10″…that’s both impressive and unbelievable to me. 

The song takes RobinAugust back to her punk roots, and apparently, the fans loved it, as it has garnered twenty thousand views on YouTube so far. With a music video and a guitar tone/sound that gives the impression of a 2000s pop-punk track and a soundtrack of a movie as well. It’s amazing how that sound can capture the feeling and the vibes of a whole era and that specific subculture related to it. 

With the accompanying music video having that similar style of teenage/college girls dancing and having fun with their love interests and wearing punk-inspired outfits, you’ll feel like you’re watching an Avril Lavigne or Fall Out Boy music video. The voices of the two amazing women here have enough ferocity and range to go with the lyrics and uptempo style of the song, and their occasional raspiness and shouting compliment the guitars so well. 

All in all, this is a song that perfectly captures a period of time in the 2000s with all its associated subcultures and the accompanying music video enriches that experience so much more. And to think that the ladies wrote this song when they were merely ten years old is the craziest part about it. Highly recommended.