The longstanding power group musical collective The Great Depression released one of the most unique and fresh musical experiences for quite some time…” Boxes Of Candles” is a return to the iconic alt-rock realm, but with their unique approach of bringing in a revolving group of writers, composers, producers, and engineers, the outcome is as diversified and ultimately unique.

“Boxes Of Candles” feels like a meditative hymn with strong folk-alt-rock influences…the trance-inducing harmonious guitars work perfectly together and also with the huge and wide string section when it comes into play…

The Minnesota-based artist manages to create one of the most sonically mesmerizing and unique experiences…

…even the musicality of the song, the composition itself is very unconventional, with very apparent and musical movement, it works excellently in contrast with the super melodic vocals that take it times moving from note to note…and let’s not forget about the vocal effect that elevates the singing to a more of a spiritual choir performance.

The vocals are absolutely mesmerizing…and that goes both for the melodies and for the choir-like effect, which is pivotal and crucial to the mind-blowing melodic experience.

The Great Depression is made up of these awesome musicians…

Todd Casper – Voices, Piano, Electric Guitar

Bryan Hanna – Drums, Programming, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Dex Wolfe – Electric Guitar

Tim Ritter – Bass, Analogue Synths

Chadwick Nelson – Additional Drums and Percussion

“Boxes Of Candles” shares some DNA with TOOL, especially when it comes to the more chill and mellow parts of their songs…The Great Depression got me hooked instantly…the music, vocals, effects…everything works together perfectly and in an extremely balanced manner.

“Boxes Of Candles” is a highly recommended musical experience for any music fan, not just alt-rock, folk, or any specific genre, it’s literally for everyone.

Wishing The Great Depression all the best, can’t wait to hear more of their unique style…also, make sure to check out their latest album “We Could Be Changed” for more musical goodness.