“Boxcar” is about what it takes to go wild. A song inspired by the life of the famous hobo and author Leon Ray Livingston, “Boxcar” retains a feisty vibe through a hard, pogo-punk sound and energetic lyrics that inspire listeners to take a stance or make that long-awaited road trip, find the courage to break up a toxic relationship or quit a job. “Boxcar” is catchy and blatantly momentous, riled up by Sharon Woods’s phenomenal vocals that bring to mind Debbie Harry’s girl-rock sass in “One Way or Another”, the bass and drums which reached the perfect blend of playfulness and menace.

SALT is a family band that aspires to create art that comes from the depths of their creative souls. It shows through their lyrical style in “Boxcar” and how interconnected their artistic ventures are with their previous tracks. “Boxcar” will feature on a new album set to release on Valentine’s Day, which is only the cherry on top of some intense music-making in the working. One just has to stay tuned.

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Jaylan Salah