2016 wasn’t the most active regarding the music scene, however there are some bands that proved us wrong. Bovem released a new track after a long wait from their first album Ominous Dawn. Bovem is one of the rising Blackened Death Metal in Egypt, and surprisingly, their first show was last year’s Walls of Death and had another one past December in Metal Grinders.

‘Cryptic Desolation of Chaos’ is fairly a good track and definitely a good beginning for those young rising musicians. The melodies are well organized and well composed, the riffs are full of darkness and blackened, the beats of the drums were empowering which I really enjoyed, and finally the music reflects the theme of the album which is the end of the world.

All in all, the track reflects hatred, chaos, madness of the world we currently live in. The production was exceptionally good too. I am expecting more from the Alexandrian Metal scene and more from Bovem. They represent a nice success in Egypt and the African charts. The theme they deal with and how they introduce their topics, feelings, thoughts in Egypt is brave and professional. The performance of Bovem‘s new vocalist “Mohamed Safwat” was impressive. I’m hoping more from these guys and looking forward to their upcoming album.

Edited by: NJ Bakr