The lingering guitar melodies of “Lead Me On” are loaded with rhythm and drive. “I Will Go” is a Gospel-Psych country ballad that resonates with the listener long after it ends. The intensity that “Lead Me On” harbors differ greatly from the soft, lively folk melody “Unforgiving Land” and does not prepare for the quirky, experimental track “Woman” which both delivers and satisfies and represents a refreshing break from the emotionally charged songs such as “Walkin’ In the Spirit” with its unusual blend of bongos and drums. But the track that shines is the classic country-folk song “Ramblin’ Hobo” with its earthy sound yet intriguing lyrics.

Bound for Glory shows the true American soul of staying on the road for too long, singing about lost loves, praying to God in dark times, and reminiscing about a past and a future that strangely intertwine. 

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Jaylan Salah