Ming Johanson

If you have a problem understanding that rhythm & blues  is the original hub for  many musical styles then you have  a big problem indeed. Our authentic Australian artist here, Derek Lee Goodreid, just released his latest single “Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues,” which is highly influenced by the legendary blues master, Howlin’ Wolf. 

Imagine you’re listening to a combination of great lead guitar lines, stunning harmonica licks, and blended with powerful emotive vocals. Extraordinary right? Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find a song you like and feel that it has the original vintage spirit that you’re looking for. What a coincidence I just published a couple of days ago an article talking in Arabic about how music became tasteless, even if it’s for a genre that you already desire. And it’s like a heavenly message, when I just listened to Derek’s new single to tell me there’s still a hope for great music. In my opinion, the smart artist who isn’t only capable of singing and composing good music, but he is the one who knows how to manage and arrange it perfectly. In fact, choosing the Venezuelan remarkable harmonica player Hector Ruano was a great addition for the track indeed, also, the rockabilly upright bass of Stephen K Donnelly from Canada. In my opinion, Derek should put this song in front of many faces who call themselves now an artist. Imagine a song with basic instrumentation – if we call it this way, became a 2022 blues hit! YES! When you listen carefully to the lyrics you can see that it’s an epic lyric too. It;’s been inspired by Robert Johnson and it;’s about a crossroads where God, the Devil, and Death all meet at one time. What such epicness blended with folk, rockabilly and bluesy elements. I should also give the credit for the mix and mastering process at Howling Light Recordings (Perth, Western Australia), which is an important factor to make this song shine and spice it up! Definitely, I believe that Derek Lee Goodreid is our modern age blues icon and I cannot wait to check his next release. Feel the beauty below!