The first single from 4 songs on their upcoming EP, “Born Nihilist” is a blend of synths, analog-driven drones, and untuned guitars that create psychedelia similar to Kanye West’s trip-hop with a screeching sound that resembles Nine Inch Nails. “Born Nihilist” is a track covered in grime, think garage punk rock bands on acid, and this song is what comes to mind. With deep, gory vocal grunts and screams, “Born Nihilist” is an acid-eating contest resulting in snorting mellow guitars with low-speed synths. The song is not an easy pill to swallow, meant for those who want to experience music with their entire body. It immerses listeners into a visually distorted landscape through a time-warped lens. The fact that this track puts listeners into an unpredictable state of mind paves the way for more tracks from the EP and increases the anticipation. 

Interview with No Dream

No Dream describes their music as something created for the socially dissident and emotionally dyslexic. They seek non-active listeners who are bored with conventional sugar-coated modern music and are more in favor of pulse-like tunes and uncompromising synthesizer sounds. “Born Nihilist” is the first released song preparing listeners for an experience unlike anything they have -not just listened but encountered- before.  

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Jaylan Salah


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