“I’m just a tiny guy at the edge of the universe” these were Blue Traffic Lights’ lead singer Jolan’s inspiring words….22 years ago, and now, it’s happening and they’re sharing their new single“Bombs & Satellites” with us.

As a start I would like to say that this is the best alternative track that I have heard this year so far. “Bombs & Satellites” is the band’s third and last single from their upcoming debut album. But first let’s go back 2 years ago when Jolan was inspired by bands like Kings of Leon and Coldplay, and they were also a big motive for such a stunning tune, I love their harmony so much and it’s a really inspirational track.Haven’t we all had dreams when we were kids and wanted to achieve them when we grew older? The up-and-coming trio uses simplicity in their music and still pours originality with every note. Well done, guys! I cannot wait to listen to their album for sure. Don’t miss their socials below!

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