Photo credits: @Jomotopia

Domax‘s “Bollé” is a cohesive work where drama and fiction coexist, and spirituality and vitality meet. A peculiar, uplifting soundscape makes up the 10-minute soundtrack. It is propelled by live drums and synth textures, as well as genuine artistry that knows how to blend several vibes into a single song.

Max O’Donnell, alias Domax, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in London, is the creative force behind “Bollé.” Although Kraftwerk, Apex Twin, Squarepusher, Neu, The Yellow Magic Orchestra, and the Cocteau Twins are among the scene’s icons that have influenced the artist, his pieces are clearly organic. He is able to weave his own canvas that is bursting with mesmerizing colors, rather than settling for working behind the schedules of other artists.


The intro of the track offers the feel of a soundtrack for a sci-fi movie. It’s a quite cinematic ambiance where all the elements are atmospheric enough to put you in a characteristic mood that’s built with the combination of Domax’s nuanced musicality and your own mind’s imagination.

It begins as a cosmic, starry journey, but by 1:35, the engines are fired up, and the journey becomes more elated, with a peppy melody. It’s like the darkness is fading and the lights are getting brighter. And all the way through it, one is enticed to sway with the rhythm.

While it progresses, more layers are added, giving the feeling of aliens joining the dance, and the spacious space is waving and bouncing with the beats. The second half has more sparks, as the synth is offering more euphoric lines. The synth feels like they’re building a staircase to cloud nine, and in the meantime, the drums play their role to get you to bounce each step faster and more airily.

As it fades away in the end, you feel like waking up from the strangest yet most thrilling adventure, saying goodbye to the universal creatures you just built friendships with, leaving a lighter and more carefree version of yourself, and getting back to reality. Buckle up and enjoy the splendid escapade!