Timepunk Pet Photography / Liz Dranow

Gary Dranow, with The Manic Emotions, unveils their latest distinctive track, “Bodywise,” once again capturing the audience with their rocking sound. Let’s dive into it and explore.

Recently, we have been fortunate to receive several submissions from them, such as ‘Jane,’ ‘Human 1.0,’ and ‘Mother’s Angry,’ each with its own unique qualities. When I listen to a track, I often notice the weaknesses first, possibly due to my background as a musician and former audio engineer. However, this is not usually the case with Gary’s music, and it certainly does not apply to ‘Bodywise.’


These days, finding captivating music can be a challenge. With six highly skilled band members, they have crafted a storytelling masterpiece. Personally, I find the vocals particularly captivating as they effortlessly blend with the melodic guitar tunes. The precision of the drums and bass in maintaining the track’s structure is impressive. Additionally, their cultural diversity, stemming from Park City, Utah, Melbourne, Australia, and various cities in Ukraine, enriches their musical and lyrical themes significantly.

When I brought up lyrics, I truly appreciated the story and how cultural influences can impact on us. “Through ‘Bodywise,’ we wanted to convey the raw emotions of a girl having cultural pressures placed upon her. It’s a song about how women can break out of the cultural and societal chains that bound them when they were young and ultimately have the world at their feet.”Gary Dranow

“Bodywise” by Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions tops my list of favorite pop-rock tracks in 2024. I’m eagerly anticipating their next rockin’ release. Now, let’s keep the good vibes going and listen to ‘Bodywise’ below.