The latest song from Canadian Indie Pop band Wotts is called “blue”, and is the second single from their upcoming release “Garden”. The track takes a slight deviation from their previous upbeat 80s-style releases.

This time around, the track begins with modern-sounding lo-fi vocals and a mellow guitar chord progression. The sound feels inspired by the 80s but more akin to today’s power-pop and Indie styles. The vocals are low-pitched and grounded for the verses, and they go higher as we reach the chorus. The bassline is present and efficient in a great way that serves the song’s emotional delivery and is accompanied by a synth/key refrain at the end of every 2 bars…denoting they didn’t leave all the 80s influence behind.

The drums sound a little bit electronic/synthetic but that’s what makes the track charmingly modern and super fresh to both the 2023 mainstream music lover and the 80s nostalgia lover. 

The cherry on top for me was the guitar solo near the end of the track, followed by one more chorus which beautifully closes the song…and spoken word outro that’s a little bit muffled and carries a hidden message. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the “best of both worlds” vibe that this song brought so much…if you wanted the 80s done in a 2023 style then this is definitely the way it should be done.