BLOOM‘ is the debut album by Vancouver noise rock act Bloom 604 which is the solo effort by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Jack Briscoe.

Usually, I avoid noise rock releases but when I received Bloom 604 submission last December, I was very pleased by their debut single ‘Summer Always Comes,’ which I was really amazed and thirsty to check more releases, and here we go again, I was very thrilled to get their recently released debut album ‘Bloom’

The talented Canadian artist Jack Briscoe is also the mastermind behind Bloom 604, who also, teamed up with his friends Linden Poirier on bass and Josh Lauzé on drums for live performances. The album shows a great diversity of sound, character, and pours originality with every single note. I loved it when Jack added post-punk, shoegaze, post-hardcore, and post-rock elements to create one of the most impressive noise rock albums in 2021.

I have heard the album several times, and truly I couldn’t any negative point, “I wrote and recorded the songs in September and sent them over to Lucas Inacio at Fløver for production and mastering shortly thereafter.” – Jack Briscoe explained how was the recording and production process was, and also, Lucas added second guitar lines in the album. Actually, they showed a new school of noise music, which in my opinion was based on two main elements, the raw/vintage sound, along with a modern arrangement and atmosphere. Well done, Jack! And well done for everyone was part of this record. Check it out below and feel the noisy vibes! 😉

Bloom 604 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and Bandcamp.