The EP includes 4-tracks and “Casualties Of War,” was already the first single and music video taken from it. The song strongly relies on the style of metal bands in the eighties, and not only that, but the music video itself reflects such period through different video footage along with the music that reminds me of iconic heavy and thrash acts like Megadeth, Slayer, and Sepultura (definitely, Max Cavalera period).

Since I know the band for quite some time, I can tell you there’s a huge development in the band whole output. Mick Michaels (founder, producer, songwriter, and guitarist) with Le Chateau Bow Wow Recording studio owner and engineer, CJ Scioscia, were keen to deliver more diversity than previous releases. I believe this EP is darker than previous releases, so the band were very keen for the 80s spirit but also the modern touch was very obvious throughout the mix. Frankie Cross is one of my recent favourite metal voices really because I see it in great harmony with the music, which I don’t find much these days in different bands, it’s like you find great music, but vocals in a different direction or vice versa. As usual, the tight bass and rhythm are the main key behind COS music, and as usual, I will salute Mad T and James Pera for such impressive lines. To sum it up, metal music isn’t for the masses, and so is for Corners of Sanctuary music. Feel the charm below!

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Mena Ezzat


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