Andrew Shephard @ Lost Fox Creative

What you’re about to read is an inspiring story, not just about a great song, but on what were the circumstances behind it and how it all came together. A story about love, passion, struggle, determination and not giving up. Mathew Blount and Chantel Bailey started playing music together 6 years ago during the early phases of MARBLE, which was only a practice and a project with the intent of self-discovery and trying to find their sound. Later, the duo met and played with the Wade brothers and their band “Trash Dogs” who ended up giving MARBLE a much better and refined sound with Jonny Wade on bass and Matt Wade on guitar. Later, they were joined by TJ Grant on synth and William Mapp on drums. Together, Marble was able to find its true sound and unique identity, but unfortunately, it was all during the time of the pandemic and quarantine, leaving them no chance for live music and performances. The band recorded the album for over a year and a half in several places; before COVID hit they were still in Seattle and they had just started recording with Brandon Busch and at their friend Tom’s house, also in an underground space in Crybaby Studios. After the conditions changed and they had to move to Portland, they couldn’t access their studio anymore and had no place to record their music so that was when they decided to learn about recording and production, which they ended up doing for most of the album while still working with their producer Jonah Cohen. “Bleed Me Out” is the third single released from their upcoming debut album, it’s a love song about intimate relationships and the phases of healing and letting go. It’s about attachment and fear of letting go till it hurts and you must let go. The musical context and harmony along with Chantel’s vocal abilities put you in a place where you once felt this kind of pain and love, it’s an experience rather than a song. The album was mixed by Brandon Eggleston and mastered by Ed Brooks.