Toronto-based rockers Elephants and Stars just released their latest single ‘Bled Out At The Scene‘ and it’s a piece I really liked.

The song begins with the main guitar riff and the bassline playing with some organ harmonies over them…a part modern and part nostalgic sound that a lot of bands have trouble balancing these days. The moment the chorus kicks in, the guitar chord progression opts for a more melodic attitude and the organ line changes to accommodate to the other instruments. 

The verses flow into the chorus beautifully, thanks to the amazing rhythm section and the coherent and mindful lyrics. The vocalist seems to have years and years of experience behind him, as his technique sounds strong and consistent throughout the song.

Last but not least, the guitar solo brings all the emotions together, and with the subsequent bridge, every emotion the song has to offer was consolidated and gave me instant goosebumps. I couldn’t remember how many times I replayed the song at that the end of the day.

Bled Out At The Scene by Elephants and Stars is one of the most unique and powerfully-written rock releases of this year so far. With balanced production, roaring guitars, and a punchy super catchy chorus, you will find yourself singing along to this banger all day long.