Heddy Edwards’ latest single, “Black Tunnel,” is a mesmerizing sonic landscape that one needs to escape reality and head to a dreamy space where you get to enjoy haunting vocals and nostalgic shoegaze sound.

In “Black Tunnel,” the DC-based singer-songwriter, producer, and poet, Heddy Edwards, gathered forces with producer Alan Day to offer us a time hole, taking us to the golden age of Alt Rock music with the edgy shoegaze flair. The song is titled “Black Tunnel,” but as it progresses, it gives off the feel of colored galaxies.

The sensational artist can seamlessly give off both edgy and upbeat energies. Edwards possesses a remarkable vocal range. She can shift effortlessly between powerful, raw deliveries and smooth, rich ones. Her singing is captivating, drawing listeners in with its intensity, yet it also retains lightness and a soaring feel.

The production choices are top-notch! There’s a perfect balance between the retro vibe and the contemporary touches. Each instrument hits a sweet spot of sounding fresh and familiar at the same time. The synths, guitars, drums, and all the infectious melodies work together seamlessly with stunning vocals. It makes every lyric come to life and pulls you right into the experience – you can practically feel the wind whipping through your hair as you speed down the tunnel.

Though “Black Tunnel” might be only Heddy Edwards’ fourth release, it’s a fantastic display of her musical talent. It highlights her unique voice and songwriting skills, leaving you wanting to hear more from her!