Under the black sky and white moon, I happened to listen to the latest drop by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Moses Mikheyev and find it very telling of the state I was in which is his new single “Black Sky, White Moon”.

This song is sweetly relaxing, with the first notes of the guitar you feel that the lovebirds are beginning to gather around you, the air becomes fresh and you are captivated by the feeling of the child in you, all explained by the warm, humming sound of Moses Mikheyev.

“Black Sky, White Moon” is delicate and its magical hypnotic hymn, written after Moses fell in love with a Spanish girl, captured them for a romantic moment and kissed under the night sky with stars flashing in the distance, Moses wanted it to last forever so he captured and immortalized her in this painting.

Moses’ vocals are gentle and soothing, acoustic guitars are so warm, enchanting romantic melodies and tactile strong percussion, backed by drums that add to the sweetness of the song, all create a heavenly ambiance that you can share with your sweetheart.

This song is his second single from his upcoming album “I Only HAVE A HUNDRED YEARS TO LOVE YOU” which will be released in September 2023. Musa has collaborated with producer and musician Brandon Zano and David Gavrishov, and is inspired by Keane’s song “Somewhere Only We Know”.

“Black Sky, White Moon” I liked it very much, and I hope you will too because Moses Mikheev is capable of what he does and succeeds in what he wants to convey to us in terms of feeling and feeling.