In a really humid, summer hot day, Rock Era Dubai team took off from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on the 29th of May to see the legendary, Black Sabbath. Yes, people, we saw them live! Kicking and screaming.

Before I get you too excited, let me first take you to the setting. As usual, who gets those amazing people to Abu Dhabi other than Flash Entertainment? We arrived rather late, after the gate was opened, but the opening band Anuryzm hadn’t start yet. Gosh! It was crowded. Only getting to the beverages was a hassle. Around 8:10 pm everything went pitch black, Anuryzm was announced on stage.

I’d seen those guys a year ago in the DRF 2013 edition, they had a really strong tune and I was eager to see them again. They performed songs from their first album ‘Worm’s Eye View’ and from their upcoming album ‘All is Not for All’; Full Agonist and Humanoid. The vocalist and the whole band peaked especially in this track and it would really make you want to hear more of their second album. The last track of their setlist Killing Time was incredibly intense and they ended their session powerfully. However, at some point the vocalist was too loud I wasn’t sure if the mic was too close to his mouth or it was some sound defect.

Anuryzm genuinely killed it, and you guys will need to check them out sooner or later! A decent crowd cheered them as they announced the end of their setlist and called the legendary Black Sabbath out! Can you even imagine how our hearts were bumping?

As they left, everyone went to refresh themselves as the humid was unbearable; we drank over 3 liters of water, the hot weather and the massive amount of people made it unbearable, but we couldn’t care less, it was the metal pioneers!

Just before it struck 9:30, it went dark, people screamed, fell down the Sabbath Curtain, and came the familiar sinister voice “I can hear you” and people went insane. They started off with War Pigs. As Ozzy sang “Generals gathered in their masses” thousands sang back “Just like witches at black masses”. Ozzy went “Evil minds that plot destruction” and thousands screamed their lungs out “Sorcerers of death’s construction”. That went on the first verse. The background screen had footage of all politicians worldwide. They blessed our ears with tracks from “Paranoid”, “Vol.4”, “Black Sabbath” and “13”.

Toni Lommi and Geezer Butler didn’t look to be in their 60’s at all. They were full of energy and their beats were steady! Every single person in the crowd knew the lyrics. Not only that, what caught my eye was the huge number of old fans who attended it. People in their late 40’s all up to the 60’s were still rocking and had the young rocker spirit.

Moving on a few of tracks in they moved to their “13” album Age of Reason. The drums intro was unmistakable, by the youngest member of Black Sabbath – and such an eye candy for the ladies – Tommy Clufetos. He killed those beats! A few tracks in, the unmistakable bass lines of N.I.B started and everyone was eager to sing along. As soon as Tomi started the first riff, every single person in the Du Arena went “Oh yeah!” even before Ozzy did.
Rat Salad and Supernaut were both mingled in one track, then the hottest thing on Earth happened. Tommy Clufetos – that mammia mia – did the best drum solo anyone could ever hear. I wasn’t really into drums, but hell yea now I am! He maintained his steadiness, and powerfulness through the entire set. He then moved to a two beat, and the crowd shouts “Hey”. Two more beats, and another “Hey”. The beats go faster, and the “Hey’s” are roared louder. All faster until he ends his forceful and dynamic drum solo. Sweaty, topless, and tattooed, I tell you women were all in heaven at the sight.
The band comes in from their break, and Toni starts the track everyone was waiting for Iron Man. Now, I don’t have to be redundant saying how insane everyone went, with that mighty mosh-pits and thousands of horns up piercing the air around me.

They ended their amazing set-list with Children of the Grave and everything went dark and quite. Whispers started to rise, were they gonna end without their masterpiece Paranoid? Ozzy yelled from the darkness “If you people go crazy for me, I’ll give you one more song” Yes, everyone went bananas. Toni again starts with the unquestionable riffs of Paranoid. At this point, you can slightly hear Ozzy now, his voice was covered by thousands singing the lyrics along.

Osbourne has a great, friendly and with a humble attitude on stage, he went on “I love you” and “God bless you” between the tracks. After Paranoid he thanks everyone for being here and ended with “Drive home safely” How cute is that?

Although we were sure this time that was the end of the spectacular show, we still waited for something more. It was a great experience, whether you’ve heard a few albums for Black Sabbath or even a diehard fan- the legends, being in their 60’s, can still put on a great show. We’re lucky.


– All Anurzym photos reserved to Charles Moussa