Alternating between grunge, alternative rock, Americana, and folk, they just keep going on fire with only downtuned guitars and Tess’s poetic lyrics and strong vocals. “Black Oak”, compared to “Dive In”, is lighter. Once again, they’re bringing different combinations to minimalist lines and riffs and succeeding in producing great melodies, and I have to add that it’s not just because they’re rockin’ musicians, but also because of their electrifying chemistry! It’s intriguing to see how they maintain the same atmosphere in their work while leaving an authentic signature.

I have to say, I preferred the official video to the live version; they did an excellent job with it! It’s heartfelt and perfectly suited to the single’s lyrics and vibes, since it’s more personal with some “Mindslapping Memories.” The live session, on the other hand, is like sitting next to them under the Black Oak and listening to their story.

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Viola Karmy