John Rosales (@athirdeye on instagram)

While Austin-based rockers Naga Brujo prepared for their upcoming hard-hitting EP “Canceled”, They decided to drop each of the 4 songs as singles. Mixing their punk roots with hard rock, they started with “Sick Sad World” and on the 29th of October they are dropping the 2nd single “Black Magick”, let me give you a sneak peek of it.

“Black Magick” kickstarts with heavy sludgy riffs with punk-ish vibes, the raw riffs with that dense fuzzy guitar tone, groovy fat bass, insanely energetic drumming, and powerful vocals created a big dynamic sound that smoothly flows with melodies and breakdowns. The fluid, extremely melodic vocal melody added an extra old-school rock layer to the sound of “Black Magick” and fit the song’s structure perfectly with its dynamic entertaining ups and downs. The doomy interlude around the 2:00 minute mark is the perfect build-up and works as a launching pad for the punky explosion that follows and keeps on relentlessly progressing faster and heavier until the end. 

“Black Magick” highlights Naga Brujo’s intensity alongside their good music-writing skills and sense of melody. “Black Magick” mashed a diverse number of dark influences together in a groovy melodic stream that’ll keep you 100% focused throughout its 5:10 minutes, totally recommended, and will make me keep an eye on Naga Brujo, cheers!