The California-based duo Movie Club celebrated Halloween with the release of their dark theatrical single “Black Flamingo”, and to make things even more theatrical, they dropped a must-check-out music video on YouTube. With special guests Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters/Wallflowers) on keys, Jessy Greene (P!NK) on violin, and Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie) on bass, the “Black Flamingo” was complete with each and every one of them adding his significant mark, so let’s see how it went.

“Black Flamingo” opens with a mysterious groovy slow melody, creating the perfect setup for its dark mood. I loved the deep filled-with-anticipation guitar tone and how it goes in total harmony with the added theatricals, giving it more depth. Movie Club’s musicianship and sense of melody appear clearly in the conversation they created with other instruments, and how they engineered the song’s structure with diverse movements, resulting in an ever-changing dynamic structure with shifting emotions, that takes you on a sonic journey that needs no words. 

Movie Club managed to create a unique emotional state with “Black Flamingo”, its shifting sounds and deep emotional dives, from guitar hero moments and extended soloing to melodic keys and heart-hitting violins, gave it an unpredictable interesting taste. It shows Movie Club’s well-knowledge of their sound and direction, making me look forward to more from them, keep on rocking guys, cheers!