The French highly melodic and musical band Balto Parranda’s “Black Bloc Romance” is a full-on genre-bending experience…with a music video that captures their amazing live performance in a studio setting.

Mixing gypsy, big band, guitar, drums, music and sounds from the Balkan, Balto Parranda is an absolute tornado of fresh musical air…I really do miss a song that is groovy and melodic…and one that uses a more traditional instrumentation instead of an electronic approach.

The awesome people of Balto Parranda play trumpets, tubas, saxophones, and accordion…but there are also electric and bass guitars and a great-sounding drum set, it sounds both acoustic and electronic…pretty unique sounding.

Take all of what we just talked about, and mix in some stunning vocals, with an amazing vocal performance too, full of life, energy, and movement. Takes several characters too…from a rap-like flow to powerful melodic singing.

The music video for “Black Bloc Romance” captures the real-life harmony between all of the members while also showing-clearly-how much the people of Balto Parranda enjoy performing their music.

“Black Bloc Romance” is highly groovy, full of movement, upbeat, dancy, energetic, new, fresh…

We wish all the best to Blato Parranda…we can’t wait to see and hear more of these awesome people.


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