“You know what’s two genres that basically have nothing in common? Hip-hop and Rock, so, let’s merge them together”. That’s exactly what our 32-year-old musician/performer/ producer thought of when he produced this track ‘Life is strange’. It has the power, the aggressiveness and the attitude of hip-hop and the sound of rock. Based on Bizzy’s influences like Metallica, Biohazard, STP, Tupac, Deftones, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, and Nirvana; it is very understandable where this product came from and why it turned out like that.
This track is from Bizzy’s last album Blank check released in 2016, first album produced by him as a solo act, apart from the band he co-founded Purple Popcorn.

First time I listened to the track, I got bored by the repeated musical sentence in its beginning but then I understood its role; to emphasize the importance and to put the focus on the lyrics, although how generic, meaningless and repetitive, it was with nothing new or special in it. It should’ve been way more powerful specially when the music is used to shed the light on it, more powerful than “Life is here and we are all alone, sitting here don’t know where to go” and “It won’t be so easy this time”, you might as well start talking about swag, money and guns.

The vocals in the track are very poor as well, and heavily edited to the extent that destroys the original voice and produces a weird freak voice unsuitable for the track’s atmosphere.

As for the music video, it was poorly produced and directed, with no or very little effort put into it. The point of a music video is to add another dimension to the music, another aspect, when a track is enjoyed alone that when its video then the music video was a fail and waste of time and money.

Overall, I could say this is a failed application for a good concept, Urban Rock. 

Written by: Ahmed Hafez
Edited by: Bishoy Nader