If I will describe Septas music in one word, then I will choose Creative! Yeah! I believe this is the most fitting word for the band’s stunning metal output throughout their all releases and for their latest fourth full-length for sure, “Bitten By The Serpent Of The Kingdom Of The Spirit.”

If you aren’t familiar with their music then you can say they are similar as well as inspired by bands like Tool, Mastodon, Opeth, and Oceansize, but what I really like is that they’re not like any other progressive metal act that tries hard to imitate other bands music, not really, they have their own characteristics and shape. “Bitten By The Serpent Of The Kingdom Of The Spirit” is a 9-tracks album that discusses a specific topic about Jewish myths of golems and reflects a lot on the concepts of free will and life preservation, the concept was based on the famous novel Der Golem by Gustav Meyrink and the German lost movie The Monster of Fate. If we will head to technicalities and the musicianship, I believe you will be very amazed by all the incredible metal elements of this album, I believe the band were very keen to emphasise each element including guitars, bass, drums, as well as vocals for sure. In addition, and in my humble opinion, the reason behind making such epic mixing and mastering output was based on the music sequence and arrangement from the first place. The sequence of verses, chorus, bridges and soloing are giving a distinguished creative metal concept that I haven’t heard throughout 2021. Usually, when I get a submission I listen to it several times before writing, and it was really hard to choose which track that I loved the most, frankly, all of them were pretty impressive, still, I cannot deny my favourites would be Pogroms, and from Tannhäuser Gate till You were created by the sages; return to your dust. Finally, Septa aren’t just another progressive metal band in 2021, they are the game changers! “Bitten by the Serpent of the Kingdom of the Spirit” is available on all major platforms, and you can get your own through Bandcamp here.

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