Harry Wheelwright

BKJ is new and very fresh indeed. BKJ is Buzzkill Joy, a self-proclaimed ‘lil punk in pink’ from north London, with a single dropping from his upcoming concept EP.

The song is Birthday Cake, a trippy, yet very approachable single. It starts with a sweet riff played on a nicely mixed guitar. It sets the mood for seconds before the introduction of the drums, with a rhythmic twist that will immediately grab the attention. The bright energetic drums enthusiastically follow along with the guitar while BKJ exercises his finest vocal chops on top, before the three of them explode on one very catchy hook, where the whole rock ensemble kicks in, howls included.
The things to seriously enjoy on this song are the amazing production value, for a guy mixing simple, catchy songs on his producer’s living room couch, they surely do hit the nail on the head producing tunes this catchy and clean sounding. And a massive confidence that shines bright through a very capable vocal delivery and also through all the scream-y extravaganza all over the choruses.

Buzzkill Joy is certainly an artist that I will, personally, be on the lookout for. He claims to be genre-fluid, and I can not wait to discover the lands the remainder of this EP will venture to.