Artwork by BNB Studios

Edmonton’s Billie Zizi effortlessly binds avant-garde jazz subtlety to her guitar-driven melodies, creating a sound as approachable as it is experimental. Effusive and thoughtful, without pretense yet still above board, she carves a distinct path marked by sonic abandon and a wild spirit. 

Hot on the heels of her melancholic and yearning single, “A Picture of a Picture,” Zizi is now sharing the pedal steel laden, soaring melodies of “Levitate,” the title track from her forthcoming LP of the same name (out on October 25th).

I’ve always been fascinated with the edges of reality and this tune is about the intersection of the mundane and the profound and how those universes embrace each other. To levitate is to act in defiance of gravity, which is a metaphor for an act that defies social norms. “I let it take me, I let it take me, I levitate and I feel free,” is like when you give in to transcendence or a dream, or something that makes you feel alive. Billie Zizi

Press Photo by BNB Studios

After a brief hiatus from her solo career, Billie Zizi returns triumphantly with her most adventurous effort to date. Bolstered by her hard-earned original sound, Levitate draws new maps through familiar terrain with stunning results. Fans of musical alchemists akin to Khruangbin or Glass Animals can expect melodic charms rife throughout the ten track run time. 

Newcomers will be drawn in by her tender, innovative approach, accented beautifully with Austin Parachoniak’s keen production sense. The album dances gently through illusions of kaleidoscopic colour with Zizi’s masterful vocal prowess in full bloom.

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