No matter how much people tell you your worth or how big you’re going to make it, if you don’t believe in yourself and are certain you don’t have to settle for less, then it doesn’t count if you have an army cheering for you, if you weren’t in the first line rooting for your success. “Bigger” is one of the singles from Ally’s upcoming album, “Unbroken.” The single shows how mature Ally is as a person and as an artist, as she’s breaking through in pop music with a song that holds hope, faith in self, embraces failure as part of the journey, challenges obstacles with no fear, and dreams of what will become true one day.

“Bigger” is a moving ballad track with upbeat pop inflections, and who managed to make its well production is Ally’s father who’s a musician and writer himself. What makes the song’s message sincere is that it’s personal and reflects Ally’s feelings and thoughts, and that’s obvious with her incredible voice as she sings every line with passion with her tender yet powerful vocals. The music video is joyous and captures the ambitious spirit of the lyrics with a confident, killer performance.


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Viola Karmy