The four-piece band includes Damien Coughlan (vocals), JJ Ferr (guitars), Damon Maddison (bass), and Niall Cleary (drums), which the four horsemen were capable to give you the thrill through their latest tune Big In Korea by providing iconic sounds through their music like Gun N’ Roses, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, among others, frankly, I loved the tightness and harmony that these guys deliver indeed, and I challenge you to not bang your head with the music from the first stroke! Also, I believe that the song bridge along with the solo was capable to deliver the ultimate rock sound of 2021! According to the band, “It’s fairly straightforward. Our drummer Niall spent time in South Korea as a very young man, teaching English. At some point, it just seemed like a fun idea to run with the idea of a rock musician being convinced in his mind he was “big in Korea”, despite having failed to make it everywhere else. It’s about self-delusion, really.” – well, aren’t we all had such a delusion someday? Enjoy! 😉 


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Mena Ezzat