Enter Big Band of Boom, loud, funky, sweet, and unapologetic. Emerging from the womb of the COVID-19 pandemic music scene and releasing their debut EP, Big Band of Boom’s “Big Bad Voodoo” is one feast of sounds, vocals, and heavy guitar sounds. Unlike the light-hearted “Behind the 8 Ball”, this track is grittier, raging, and house party-appropriate. “Big Bad Voodoo” is noisy and loud, but tapping into jazzy energy that drives the song forward through a rollercoaster of unstoppable energy. The chorus plays well with the horn selection, and the music video perfectly accompanies the band’s performance, adding different shades of color and a spectrum of light, driving crowds crazy as one would expect from this mayhem of harmonious sounds.
Who would have thought of combining bass with a trumpet? It must be the genius mind of Tom Hyland -Big Band Boom founder- whose experience as the guitarist/band manager of Electric Swing Circus gave him an insight into how to steady an emerging band’s steps in an already rocky music scene.

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Jaylan Salah