“Maybe I’ve been born again, somewhere….” Is the phrase you’ll keep on humming before you play “Beyond the Glass” again from the top. “Beyond the Glass” is a mellow, chilling dream pop/new wave tune from British singer/songwriter Joshua Woo, it was released on March 18, 2022 and I’m going to tell you why you need to listen to it right away.

“Beyond the Glass” is a perfect feel-good tune with a smooth, simple refreshing main melody and fluid vocal melody throughout the verse and of course its super catchy chorus. It is mainly guitar driven but has a mix of sounds and effects that’s been layered in an interesting way in the background all backed with an entertaining beat and bass line. Lyrically the song asks a question that was on my mind for some time -and I believe was on yours too- what if that person in the mirror is real?
The song tells a story of someone who discovers their reflection is actually a living being in another universe and their mirror is a gateway to this new world. I found this concept really interesting and Joshua described it as “a metaphor for self-belief and how we all have that person within us even if sometimes they may be hidden” which gave it a whole new depth and meaning.
“Beyond the Glass” is your go to tune while you’re relaxing with your fav. drink, it’s a chilling and interesting tune that’ll make you think and Joshua’s voice will keep you hooked throughout the whole song. Totally recommended and looking forward for more from Joshua Woo, cheers.


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