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Change is not always easy, not everyone can cope with it or is brave enough to embrace it, but that’s not the case for Carley Varley. The up-and-coming, initially pop artist decided to shift her musical identity and explore a different sound with her new single “Better Without Me.” 

Carley started playing guitar and songwriting at the age of 14, at 16 she was already performing in different local venues with her guitar, like The Ritz and The Waldorf in London, she then released her debut EP in 2019. “Better Without Me” is her fourth single release this year, after “Fall”, “Shore” and “Going Under.”  

The artist has always leaned toward an acoustic approach in her music; she mostly used instruments like acoustic guitar and piano to create soft melodic lines with a chill vibe and a pop element.  This single is considered a shifting point in her music career and a drastic change in her sound and musical identity. She decided to look back at the music that influenced her when she was younger like Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Paramore, which inspired her to explore a new approach. 

The lyrics are inspired by authentic, raw emotions and personal experiences. It’s about the pain you feel when the person you care for leaves without looking back. The song’s shift in instrumentation is significant as she depends on a heavy drumline, stronger vocals, and powerful rock elements; the song will surely remind you of Hayley Williams’ style and Paramore’s music. 

The song is part of her upcoming 5-track EP “Home Sick”, yet to be released next year and we’re very excited to see what more Carley has in store for us.