Retaining the classic country ballad sound, “Better Than Your Memory” tells the traditional story and paints the picture of the rugged, love-torn cowboy, in love with a girl he can’t have. A song to enjoy while reminiscing about lost love and heartbreak, “Better Than Your Memory” doesn’t fall short of keeping it light and quirky, with Hayden’s voice adding his undeniable charm to his distinctive -leaning toward husky- baritone. Not only do the lyrics make “Better Than Your Memory” a marvel among modern American country songs, but the sensitivity with an edge of sass that Hayden sings it with. He flaunts his pride, his brokenness, and his sense of humor in the face of whoever is listening, speaking to many youths spending their nights regretting their sappy romances.
There’s nothing that Hayden Haddock cannot do. With an impressive Instagram follower-base and millions of song streams, the future seems cheery and whimsical, especially after the release of “Better Than Your Memory”, the second single from his most-anticipated EP. In conclusion, “Better Than Your Memory” sounds like muscle cars, crispy air, carnival bagels, and freedom.

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Jaylan Salah